The Huesera Clan

Enter a Path of Incredible Healing and Rites for the Femenine Soul

The  Huesera - Bones Whisperer Clan Seminars


Enter the Cave of La Huesera -The Bones Whisperer, you will learn about the 7 Paths of the Medicine Women, the 4 Sacred bowls. You will meet Kachina Spirits to work with, to help you heal and support your work in the Prayer and Medicine Circles, that you will learn how to run, as well as the Rites Circles.


Become a Keeper of the Bones, the Magic, the Power, the Circles and the 7 Rites of the Huesera - Bones Whisperer Clan!



 to dive  into The Shamanic Mysteries of The Bones Whisperer Clan, 13 months to heal and grown into this Shamanic Knowledge.


Learn to hold Ceremonial Circles, powerful Rites  for other Women, become a Priestess of the Mother Earth!



Medicine Circles of The  Bones  Whisperer  Clan

You want to learn powerful Shamanic Ritual Healing Circles to share with other women?


Be a keeper of the Medicine of the Huesera - Bones whisperer...


The Teachings of the Bones Whisperer Clan are extensive. Within the Moons of the Clan, besides the Rites, there are also very Special Healing Circles that can be celebrated in a totally independent way to the Rites.


The women who have attended these Circles always shared the Immense Healing and Magic they experimented during this circles and this is something that made me very happy. It is true that the Circles alone contain a lot of medicine, that is why I decided to open the work of these circles to share them separately as an individual training in it's own right. 


Now, for those women who want to work with deep medicine, whose work is focused on supporting and accompanying other women, will be able to train as a Guide of Medicine Circles of the Bones Whisperer Clan ®.


Find more info in the PDF. 

Circles of the Bones Whisperer Clan by Ness Bosch
Circles of the Bones Whisperer Clan by N
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Circles of the Clan of the Sons of thunder

For those Men who wish to enter the Path Shamanic Medicine of the Masculine, I present you the The clan of the Sons of Thunder®, an Exclusive Community for Men who want to Live the Experience of Working with Powerful Circles and Rites for their own growth and also if they want to Facilitate them to other Men! This is strong Medicine, this is for the men of the new time and paradigm!


The Training as Guides of Circles of the Clan of the Sons of Thunder is a Challenge for those me who feel a call to share, to help, to accompany other men in their awakening to the New Paradigm that opens the door to the men of the future, men connected to their being and to the source, men free from the painful patterns of patriarchy.


This Clan is Healing Door, for men who want to overcome the roles of that old paradigm. An opportunity to heal deep wounds caused by it, an opportunity to share and open up to other men. To heal together with Shamanic ritual circles.


Download the Dossier to read the Training Program.


Circles of the Clan of the Sons of Thunder by Ness Bosch
Circles of the Clan of the Sons of Thund
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The  Path of  the  Moon


The Path of the Moon is an special training led by Ness Bosch and is for those woman who are looking for self realization and shamanic medicine knowledge. 


This path has two ways to follow it: One is to develop a self realization (Fire) through the healing of our own scars, the cleaning of our own pains and the liberation of the blocks within us, and the second way is to share the medicine knowledge for healing others (Water).

The Moon Medicine is a compendium of shamanic knowledge from diferent traditions ( Tibetan, Celtic, Amazonic, Lakota...) working together in just one path to heal and empower the women who walk this path. 

During this training you will learn how to heal your self, your ancestors linage, your descendants and how to help to heal others too. 


Topics during the training:


  • Shamanism
  • Shamanic initiation
  • Plains Spirituality 
  • Cosmology
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Power Animals
  • Shamanic journey
  • Rituals and Ceremonies
  • The Shaman and Death
  • Sacred plants and Native Herbology
  • Shamanic Tools
  • The Shaman Drum
  • Purification Ceremony
  • Shamanic Oracles
  • Shamanic Diagnoses
  • Shamanic Extractions
  • Shamanism and Crystal healing therapies
  • Soul Retrival
  • Shamanic Rainbow Reiki* 
  • Shamanic Records.*
  • Ancestral Healing* 
  • Dreamwalking

After the complete course you will get a certificate (Just if you attend the 6 seminars and fulfill the practices).


Shamanic Healing can help with:

•Depression •Patterns/addictions •Emotional issues related to ancestry •Past traumas •Lack of Vitality •Destructive behaviors

•Feeling of emptiness or disconnection in the self •Power loss •Soul loss •Intrusions •Spirit releasing... 




Reviews of The Teachings and Healing Work

By Georgia Simone.


The first time I sat down with Ness to receive her Shamanic teaching, it become clear that she was and is a great Shaman. Due to the depth of her surrender to the Shamanic wisdom, her great power, and her vision, her teaching feels more like a Shamanic transmission.

As she guided me through her immense knowledge on this inexhaustible subject (my sense is that it would take many years to fully receive all her wisdom on this topic) I felt that I was somehow initiated into the multi-dimensional reality of the Shaman, and life started to communicate to me in ways that it had not done before, particularly through dreams and the plant and animal kingdoms.

Alongside this teaching, Ness also played her indispensable part in facilitating a very deep healing that released a very deep blockage in my system. Her guidance on this matter was invaluable. I also now enjoy a much deeper contact with my guides, and thanks to Ness’s guided journeys, I was able to form a deep connection with my guardian.

If you have a sincere desire for a true Shaman’s initiation, then I highly recommend Ness as a woman who is deeply devoted to her work in this area, and who operates according to the highest respect for these teachings. She is a living breathing example of someone who has deeply given themselves to the way of the Shaman, and her powerful healing abilities are a gift for anyone who wishes to work with her.

By Mimosa Agata Wiaterek.

Women's Circle Host.


I've been participating in shamanic training in Finland with Ness Bosch. Our first meeting was like diving into deep waters of mysteries, entering the hidden paths of the soul and shedding light of healing into the abyss. Multicultural circle, Finnish coldness and darkness of that time made the whole experience even deeper: every participant had to face their own challenges that the training brought into the surface. It's not an easy task to introduce new women to the shamanic path. Some of us were confused, some scared of the depth of the experience, however Ness Bosch was focused and determined since the very beginning to pass on the tools to our hands. She's not an easy going teacher, that gives you a high five for every little achievement. She's straight to the point, gives what you need in the very moment and wants to see you practicing. There's no place for useless talking nor explaining, but action and focus since the beginning to the end. And what's the most important: all her knowledge, all her tools and the way she teaches to use them - all of this comes from her heart and deep calling to share the best she has. 

The work deepened on the second meeting. We managed to build beautiful sisterhood beyond words, full of support, compassion and love. During the weekend we were going though deep personal processes, learning the shamanic tools to heal others at the same time. That was a challenge, but we succeeded thanks to the guidance of Ness. Strong teacher's support could be felt at every step we took. I'm amazed by the tools she delivers, by the straight and conscious way she shares them and my trust to the process has been growing slowly into strong faith in the self and my healing abilities. I've awakened to the medicine that I carry and to the deep need for sharing it with others. 

I appreciate the work of Ness Bosch from the depth of my heart. I'm very grateful that no matter the difficulties she gives us in Finland the precious gift of her presence and her teachings. I'm looking forward to continue the journey in the shamanic medicine circle with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher and a healer, who puts her heart and deep experience into everything she delivers through her work.

By Minna Pyhala.

Holistic Healer.


Thank you Ness for sharing the powerful medicine of the shamanic healing techniques in the Path of the Moon course for women. I have had many intense experiences during the two workshops I have attended so far, and witnessed strong healing processes in other women on the course! It is quite amazing! Although I have been actively studying shamanism during the past two years, it is only now that I am getting concrete tools for doing shamanic healing work on myself and others. It is great that the class incorporates theory, practice and sharing of experiences - creating a holistic package that fosters learning, healing and growth. Strengths of the course also include the homework, which is designed to help integrate the teachings and gain practical experience in using the tools – practice really is the key to learning and becoming good at anything! The closed Facebook group for the course participants is also very important – providing a great forum for sharing experiences, asking for advice, getting support and arranging practice sessions. Once again, thank you – this course really is life changing.

By Taina Alakulppi.

Chinese Medicine Teacher and Practitioner. 


I highly recommend this workshop especially for anyone who is interested in deep healing work in the mind and spirit level. I treat people with all kinds of medical issues with acupuncture, and often see how emotional, mental and spiritual issues produce physical symptoms in the body. The tools learned in this workshop facilitate fast and strong changes at these levels and I look forward to using them to help my patients as well. 

About  Ness  Bosch


Ness Bosch cancer survivor and the mother of 2 children from spain. A natural born medium and healer, Sundancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier, also keeper of a Buffalo Horn, Head of the Water´s Temple and Hekate Thethys Krataiis Temple, Pagan Priestess and Shares the Path of the Sea Priestess with others around the world.


A beautiful medicine woman who was always searching for knowledge, studied Wicca and the Ancient Traditions during Teenage years, and in early 20's studied Reiki, Shamanism and others healing ways. Studied Tibetan Astral Surgery with the school of ‘Lama Tendzin Losel Amnra’, who is the only person in the western world who teaches this technic. During the search for more traditional aproaches of shamanism, shared with various people of traditions such as Amazonic, Lakota, Blackfeet-Ojibwa and the Celtic attending Seminars and participating in Ceremonies.